Welcome to ELBWRITS

Hi, I am Elly Brian, and I make websites, I do photography and experiment with music making. I am also a tech enthusiast and as God wills, I hope i can be of assistance to you.


I take pictures using my phone, or my DSLR and for sample pictures, you just need to visit my clients websites or go to my unsplash profile.


I have been experimenting with beat making and even though I haven't made any new beats for a while, you can still have a listen to the old beats. I hadn't learnt how to mix my instruments to make them smooth and clean to listen to, so forgive the roughness. EnJOY!

Contact M e

If I am not traveling or taking time off from work, I tend to be online 98% of the time, so I will probably answer you ASAP!

254 714 766924
P.O. Box 33520 -30100
Eldoret, Kenya